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What's the beef?

Devon with its incredible grass and its own native Ruby Red Devon pedigree breed is a good start! Our farm has the lushest grass imaginable and a distinguished heritage producing beef. Hard work helps too! We work around the clock, 365 days a year keeping our “Rubies” utterly healthy and happy.

They munch away on our lush grass enjoying spectacular Dartmoor and Bodmin views. During our harsh winters they stay in the dry with a diet of our cut grass and their favourite vegetables mixed in. All this adds up to wonderful Beef. – “Proper Job”!

Made in Devon

Where's the wagon?

We're moving back to London!  

Our partners in tasty - Our beef deserves the best.

We get our buns from The Bread Factory, our drinks from the fine folks at Fentimans and Chegworth Valley, cheddar from Devon and other produce from local suppliers.

Working together, with partners who think as we do and want to use the best natural ingredients.

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